Water heater


How to install commercial water heater
Installing a new water heater is not exactly the easiest project in the world, but with the right tools and an ability to follow instructions.
Turn off the gas and water valves. You'll know it's off because the valve handle will be at a right angle to the tank. Shut off the main water supply as well. Attach a garden hose to the drain valve and open it to drain the water from the tank.
Use a tube cutter to cut the hot and cold water lines. Remove the vent pipe by unscrewing it from the vent hood. Once all the pipes are disconnected, you can move the old water heater out of the way. Position the new water heater. Attach the vacuum valve, also called the pressure relief valve. Wrap the threading with three loops of Teflon tape. Use a pipe wrench to screw it in tightly.

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